My philosophy on taking pictures:

Disclaimer: if you just like the facts - figures, prices, etc., you may consider this page a waste of time.  I've tried to make the other pages nice and organized so that most questions will be answered before you know to ask.  If you want to know what I'm about, this is the page for you.

Taking your photos is more than just figuring out lighting and pushing the trigger once the camera's focused.  A huge part of it, to me, is just getting to know you.  And unless you're just a real jerk, I can pretty much guarantee that I will enjoy the time.  I say this because I want you to know about me - I want to get to know you.  Because I like people.  Granted, this is not what you're paying me for... but people-photography is all about capturing who you really are onto an image that you’ll be able to look at for the rest of your life.  And if I can get to know you (and vice versa) I will be able to get much more genuine and natural pictures.   page thinking that if you can come in with an idea of who I am and what I'm about, you'll likely be more natural.  This will give us better pics.  Bottom line:  Please, be yourself.  If it will help to bring a friend or some certain family member, do that!

On Posing:  In my opinion, the best pictures are not snapped in the perfect tilt of the head or positioning of the hands.  Rather, they are caught in the moments when your eye sparkles with a thought of a recent laugh, or your lips turn up in your own signature twist of a smile.  Yes, I'll sometimes tell you how to stand, and what to do with your hands (it does make a difference), but I often find that the unscripted pictures between the setups are keepers. 

On Pricing:  I've looked around enough to know that I'm typically well under half the going rate.  I'm fine with that.  In life, I shop with coupons, and always search for the best prices.   It's important to me that at the end of the day, you feel like you got a great deal - or at least that you have saved over what you could have spent.  It may be easy to assume that I will not give you a final product as good as photographers who charge hundreds or thousands more.  (You get what you pay for, right?)  Please check out the examples posted here (and on facebook!), and judge based on those.

If I don't understand why I'd charge for something, (clothing changes, for example), then I don't.  I just charge what costs me in time and materials.  And because no one likes hidden fees, I've done my best to make sure everything is clear and up-front.  Please note that I do free touch-ups on all prints.  Many photographers charge more for editing, but I'm a perfectionist.  I'd just do it anyway; might as well just tell you that. 



A little about Brad

I am Brad.  People have been willing to pay me to take their pictures for about ten years now.

By day I answer phones for a health insurance company.  On Sundays, I lead worship at my church - our Meridian campus in Haslett, MI.  So, while I do my best to work quickly on your pictures, I do keep busy.  I'm not always able to get them done immediately.  Within three weeks is what I usually tell people.

Above, you see me with my daughter Alayna.  The consensus amonst my friends (because of course I'm going to say so) is that she's an awesome kid.  She's a ton of fun, and strives to live life kindly and well.  She may be around when shooting if we schedule on a day that I have her.  If that's not alright, we'll need to work out a date when she's with her mom... or I'll need to charge for a babysitter.

To say that God is important to me would be like saying that milk is important to ice cream.  I'd be nothing without Him.  (If you care for more of my thoughts on God, read this.) 
I was a youth pastor for nine years, so I particularly enjoy working with students.  I don’t know if that matters to you, but I thought I’d throw it out there.  It may tell you that I won't attempt to make you look "sexy."  Attractive?  Yes.  Provocative?  No.  If that’s your goal, you don’t want me.

I like to play volleyball, boardgames disc golf, and geocache as much as possible with Alayna.  And while working on your pictures, I am likely watching some reality TV show, or binging Netflix  Also, I still think The Office is hilarious.