In case you care to know
my thoughts on God...

I'm not a preachy or pushy person at all.  I don't want anyone to ever think that I have an agenda.  But, I don't ever want to use my non-assertive tendencies as an excuse to say nothing about something that I feel very deeply about.  So I'll dive in.  At the core of who I am is a heart that loves Jesus Christ.  I believe that He deeply loves and has a purpose for everyone, and that when he created you and me, everything in him desired (and still desires) for us to have and live life at its fullest - not just to live well enough to make it to heaven someday (though it is a perk), but to have the best possible life, both now and then.

I'm still learning about this "best possible life", but I do think it's a lot more meaningful than doing the things that earn a YOLO bumper sticker on your car.  And I won't say for a second that all of God's followers have  easy lives.  To be honest, much of the last several years for me have been a journey that I wouldn't wish on anyone.  But despite regularly wondering what-in-the-world kind of story God was writing, I can tell you in hindsight, that I always felt held.  That sounds really corny I know.  But I don't really know how else to say it. 

Neitzche would tell me that I hold to my belief so I can feel better about life;  God is a placebo.  But I cannot believe that somehow all the intricacies of the human body, and the functionings of the earth just somehow created themselves.  On a personal level, I can believe God to be nothing more than a token and choose to live life my own way, calling on him if I'm in need of a genie.  Or, I can believe that the God who orchestrates the universe can write a greater story for me than I can.  I'd much prefer to stick to the blueprint of the God who made me in the first place. 

Perhaps you don't want to know all this about the guy taking your pictures.  But you've read this far.  So know that I believe that Jesus died to cover my sins, so that through His grace, I can stand rightly before God.  In turn, I want my life to reflect who He is.   

Like I said- I'm not preachy.  In reality, I do want you to believe in a God who loves you and wants you to know him closely.  (If I didn't care, how much could I realiy believe it myself?)   But I won't push my beliefs on you.  If you want to talk about God and the meaning of life, I'd be happy to, but you don't need to wonder if I'll bring back the Spanish Inquisition.