Getting Great Pictures

Time of Day
Simply put, lighting pretty much determines the greatness of your picture.  It will make a world of difference in how you look.  Studios are set up to do the job, but outside light can vary quite a bit.  Cloudy days are best, but you can't really predict that, so we try to schedule in the evenings (that's when we're free anyway).  We avoid mid-day as much as possible (though we can make it work).

Think about the atmosphere/feel/backgrounds that you want.  Nature?  Buildings?  Gardens?  If you a place in mind, that is great.  Here are some places we commonly go (or would like to start using more)

What to Wear?
When dressing the family, it's best coordinate it, and keep it simple.  Similar color tones is good.  Matching tends to be a bit cheesy, but sometimes it pulls off well.