Download order forms here.  You can type in your order, save it to your hard drive, then e-mail it to me as an attachment, or print it, fill it out, and get it to me however you'd like.
View your proofs here

If you would like to make your page password protected, please just e-mail me with the desired login and password.  If it already is, keep in mind that they are case sensitive.







See the Green Screen page for information on the green screen and the backgrounds for it.

How to use this page:

Just click on your link, and I think you can figure it out from there.  You can click the sides of the pictures, or use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to scroll through. 

Keep in mind that the proofs are typically unedited, and uncropped.  (You'd be amazed at the difference made by a little cropping.) They're not a finished product.

The image number comes up under the thumbnails.  That's what I will need to know when you place your order.  Any pictures on the website that are not in a proofbook are available to order as well.