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Here's the breakdown:


Call, text or e-mail me to set up your shoot.  Generally weekday evenings work best, as I have another day job.  The light is better then anyway.  Plan for about an hour or so - depending on where we go, how many kids are involved, and how much variety you want.


You will have your own page for you, family, and friends to look at.  A few will be edited so you can see what any finished product will look like - along with some effects. 

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Prints come on professional paper with a matte finish.  If you would like a mount or special finish (advised if you'll be framing it without glass), let me know.  I can show you examples.

[# of prints] - [# of images] = x.   |   Take x% off of your total print order (maximum: 20%)

You may purchase a disc with a copyright release for all the images.  You'll be free to print them on your own, make slideshows, or whatever. 

     Yearbook Photos
I will e-mail the picture to your school's yearbook staff.  From you, I will need: