Getting Great Pictures

We're confident that you'll end up with good pictures when all is said and done.  But frankly, that doesn't satisfy us.  We want them to be awesome.  Planning ahead will determine how great your pictures end up.  Our experience, and desire to give you great pictures, tells us to make these recommendations:

If you have an outdoor location nearby that we can go to, we say do it.  Don't get us wrong: we love church.  But we'd take a park or vintage buildings over most sanctuaries for pictures just about any day.

Time the day.
We're believers in shooting in a relaxed atmosphere.  So planning enough time is important.  And we've found that when cramped on time, the most important pictures (the bride and groom) are the ones that get shorted, in making sure we get groups, families, etc..  Making time for the extra pictures, and leaving time to get creative will give you more quality photos, and much more variety.

That said, we recommend planning for about these amounts of time for the listed pictures:

Groom/Groomsmen - 30 minutes
Bride/Bridesmaids - 45 minutes
Wedding party together - 30-40 minutes
Family pictures - 30 minutes
Bride & Groom - 60 - 90 minutes

And there are many factors that can take up time that you might not thing of.  So make sure to account for:

Some couples stick with tradition and don't see each other until the ceremony.  If this is you, you'll want to make sure that there's plenty of time left between the ceremony and reception.

We do highly recommend seeing each other, and getting as many pictures as possible done before the ceremony.  It opens up the day for more time, and the time we have is then more relaxed, which makes a difference in what will eventually hang on your wall, which in twenty years, will be what matters (biasedly speaking).

Other things to note.

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