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Our goal is to give you pictures that, upon seeing, people will take a second look - wondering if it's you... Not because it doesn't look like you, but because they think you cut it from a magazine, or found it at a gallery.  We don't necessarily think we're that good - it's a pretty subjective goal, and it would be quite conceited - But sometimes, we do end up quite pleased.   That said...

The Big Day...

What You'll Get:

You will receive a disc (or two) containing the day's pictures - usually around 800-1000 of them, once the redundant and bad (yes, they happen) are weeded out.  They'll be separated into folders (ceremony, wedding party, candids, etc.).  You will have full copyrights on every shot.



 Wedding ceremony and all portraits $650 If you'd like any additional sets of discs (also with copyrights)
for family or friends,
each set is an extra $20.

(Let me know before sending your pictures, so we can ship them all together)

Please make any checks out to Brad Atkinson
 Salon/home before the wedding
(a few getting ready at church is no extra)
Small reception $150
 Full reception (dinner, dance, etc.) $250
These prices assume a one-way distance of 30 min or less.  Any travel beyond that is $40 per hour.